Aloe Vera offers hair hydration, shields against UV and environmental pollutants, soothes skin, aids in reducing flaking, redness, and wound healing, and alleviates symptoms related to psoriasis.

    Apricot extract nourishes scalp and hair, neutralizes free radicals, regulates sebaceous glands, strengthens, regulates sebum, anti-aging, hydrates for healthier scalp, stronger hair.

    Argan oil is known for its ability to nourish and hydrate hair, seal split ends, and revitalize hair due to its high content of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Additionally, it effectively combats dryness and dehydration.

    Arnica offers a variety of beneficial properties, including anti inflammatory and anti-edematous effects. It also contributes to fortifying the hair structure, promoting circulation, and possessing soothing and antiseptic qualities.

    Avocado oil is a potent moisturizer that strengthens and adds shine to hair. It helps to eliminate split ends without leaving hair oily and promotes hair growth.

    Baicapil™ helps combat hair loss by stimulating growth and increasing density. It is formulated with three plant components and delivers
    visible results within 3 months.

    Bilberry extract strengthens, nourishes, and hydrates hair with vitamin B and proanthocyanidins. It's regenerative, emollient, and protective, ideal for fragile hair.

    Basil can help to reduce greying, rejuvenate your hair and make it healthier due to the presence of anti-oxidants. It can help to prevent cell ageing. It is also valued for its stimulating, hydrating, and revitalizing attributes.



    Burdock root is rich in tannins, Vitamin C, and essential oils. It possesses soothing, antioxidant, regenerating, and toning properties.
    This root is highly beneficial for hydrating, combating baldness,
    strengthening, and purifying hair.

    Carrot extract contains beneficial properties for the health and beauty of the skin and hair as it increases hair thickness, growth, and resistance, while also providing shine and softness due to its vitamins and salts.



    Celery is high in water and vitamin A, both essential for hair. Adequate hydration prevents dandruff, while vitamin A nourishes the roots, promoting overall hair health.

    Chamomile offers various benefits for hair care including preventing hair loss, strengthening roots, eliminating sebum and dandruff, combating dryness, protecting from UV rays, and providing elasticity, strength, and softness.

    Coltsfoot extract has emollient, sebum-regulating, and antiseptic properties. It helps soothe inflamed scalps and heal skin lesions.

    Coconut oil softens and hydrates dry hair with its emollient properties and fatty acids. It also provides vitamins E and K along with essential minerals for repair.

    Corn germ oil is packed with vitamin E, A, group B, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, helping to nourish and protect hair. It also counteracts damage from styling tools, restructures, and provides strength and shine.

    Dandelion is abundant in antioxidants, which may revitalize the skin, diminish wrinkles, and enhance elasticity. Furthermore, the root aids in rebalancing sebaceous secretion and stimulating cellular regeneration of the scalp.

    Desert date oil, a precious natural elixir, is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, deeply nourishes, intensely hydrates, and encourages skin cell regeneration. It also possesses nourishing and soothing qualities.

    Eucalyptus essential oil boosts blood circulation to reduce cellulite, fortifies hair follicles, and combats hair loss.

    Fermented Aloe Vera improves skin and hair hydration, collagen protection, cellular metabolism, and antioxidant power by using biotechnology. This advanced biotechnological process ensures that

    Geranium oil inhibits wrinkles, skin tone loss, and elasticity decline to preserve youthful skin.

    Green Tea offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial benefits. Moreover, it facilitates hair growth and prevents DHT, the leading factor in hair loss.

    Horsetail extract is recognized for enhancing blood circulation, promoting healthy hair follicles. Its antioxidant properties serve as a detox for hair and body, while increased scalp blood flow boosts hair production.

    Helichrysum, originating from the Mediterranean region, is renowned for its soothing and astringent attributes. Its applications include relieving skin redness and cracking, purifying hair, and combating dandruff. Furthermore, it is recognized for its skin-soothing and protective properties.
  • INCA

    The Plukenetia Volubilis plant, known as Sacha Inchi or Inca
    Peanut, is native to the Amazon rainforest. Rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins, it has a strong restoring impact on the hair fibre, giving protection, repair and elasticity to the hair.

    Juniper berry oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties to combat dandruff and itching. It also balances scalp oil production, reducing dandruff recurrence and adding shine.

    Lavender oil is thought to promote hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp. Dandruff Control: Its antifungal properties can help combat dandruff and promote a healthier scalp. It may strengthen hair follicles, reducing hair breakage and split ends.

    Lemon, which is rich in vitamins and mineral salts, supports hair beauty by promoting regrowth, regeneration, and a healthy scalp. It also helps to balance pH levels and acts as an antioxidant.

    Mallow extract acts as a natural emollient for skin and hair, soothing irritation and enhancing hair elasticity. It possesses anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties to combat redness and itching on the skin.

    Mango extract provides hydrating, nourishing, and regenerating characteristics. An excellent component for hydrating and regenerating the cuticle, it functions as an emollient and antioxidant, imparting hair shine and guarding against split ends.

    Millet extract boosts hair strength with keratin production and essential nutrients. Silicic acid enhances hair structure, scalp health, and hair density. Contains collagen-boosting compounds for improved skin elasticity.
  • OAT

    Oat-based products strengthen and soothe the scalp and hair, with anti-inflammatory properties for skin conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis. They also provide environmental protection and hydration.

    Orange essential oil effectively treats dry, irritated scalp, eliminates dandruff, and nourishes hair follicles for strong, healthy hair.

    Patchouli, of Asian origin, has healing, repairing and regulating sebaceous production properties. It is suitable for combating dandruff and blemishes such as acne, wrinkles and cellulite. It is also effective for irritated skin, rashes, psoriasis, stretch marks and sagging skin.

    Peppermint oil moisturizes to prevent dandruff, suitable for oily and dry scalp. Sebum secretion is normalized and scalp is refreshed.

    Pomegranate extract is beneficial for dry and brittle hair, helping to prevent split ends and rejuvenate fragile strands.

    Procapil™ reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth, increasing density and improving the young, healthy appearance of hair.

    Rosemary oil's tonic and purifying properties benefit skin health, combating skin breakdown while promoting scalp circulation for hair regrowth and preventing hair loss.

    Sandalwood oil proves valuable for hair care by promoting scalp health, reducing dryness, and enhancing hair shine with its calming and hydrating properties.

    Shea butter deeply nourishes skin and hair, protects them from UV rays and restores softness. It is beneficial for dry or dandruff hair and has emollient, hydrating and nourishing properties, also effective against psoriasis.
  • SOY

    Soy proteins possess antioxidant, hydrating, and fortifying properties, combating cellular aging and enhancing hair structure.

    Sugar Cane Extract is rich in natural humectants, providing effective hydration and softening to hair for enhanced manageability and shine. It includes antioxidants, phenolic acid, and flavonoids for anti-aging.

    Sunflower Seed extract features linoleic acid with antioxidant, hydrating, and protective effects for the scalp and hair. It aids in hair growth and has anti-aging properties.

    Sweet Almond Oil is beneficial for skin and hair. It helps prevent dehydration and rejuvenates, enhancing the strength and shine of damaged hair.

    Sweet Fennel Oil is a cosmetic ingredient abundant in vitamins A, B and C, essential for retaining skin's elasticity and luminosity. It acts as a superior emollient treatment for hair and scalp.

    Tea Tree oil, an essential oil from Australia, has toning properties and treats respiratory and skin issues.
  • Tricorexina® HYDRO COMPLEX

    Tricorexina® Hydro is a botanical complex that prevents hair loss. Contains Tussilago, Yarrow and Cinchona extracts, used as active phytohormones for scalp health.

    Valerian root extract has calming and antioxidant properties, and is useful for relaxing the scalp.

    Yarrow removes excess oil and build-up from hair follicles, preventing matting and clumping. Regular use adds volume and protects against damage and split ends.

    Ylang-ylang oil is suitable for those with dry scalps, as it stimulates sebum production. Inadequate oil and sebum lead to dry, fragile hair, ylang-ylang improves hair texture and reduces breakage.

    Yogurt has hydrating, nourishing, and strengthening qualities. Its proteins support in fortifying and upholding the hair cuticle, resulting in shine and softness. It is advantageous for dry and fragile hair, safeguarding it from external elements. Proteins infiltrate the hair structure to reinforce them.